Hi. My name is Jo Pearson. i'm a proud kiwi in love with textiles, fibre and print. purveyor of fine NZ wool blankets, peggy squares and vintage bits and bobs. building a creative community that I'm proud to be part of . i live in Hastings, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. i teach . i design. i make homewares and accessories . i draw . i collage . i sew . i unpick . i collect . i am half of The Fruit Bowl Crafters and our business is Coco & Co. i have a workbook filled with unresolved ideas. my work evokes memories of days spent with my grandmother when we cut and pasted from magazines, re-purposed, recycled, patched, darned, glued, lengthened and used every little scrap up in an attempt to make something new and bright. revisioned for 2010 and beyond, my honest endeavours are a small but creative statement against mass production and consumerism. i hope you enjoy my meagre offerings.

Fruit Bowl Craft Jam

It's finally here - the inaugural Fruit Bowl Craft Jam starts tomorrow. Jess and I are very excited about our first market event and there will be many more for the Bay. I have just finished this range of one off trinket neckpieces for the weekend and been enroled to teach at Handmade 2011 at TePapa. Greytown next weekend for the first ever Craft Country Fair and then Craft 2.0 on the 18 December. Then I will be having some serious time off.