Hi. My name is Jo Pearson. i'm a proud kiwi in love with textiles, fibre and print. purveyor of fine NZ wool blankets, peggy squares and vintage bits and bobs. building a creative community that I'm proud to be part of . i live in Hastings, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. i teach . i design. i make homewares and accessories . i draw . i collage . i sew . i unpick . i collect . i am half of The Fruit Bowl Crafters and our business is Coco & Co. i have a workbook filled with unresolved ideas. my work evokes memories of days spent with my grandmother when we cut and pasted from magazines, re-purposed, recycled, patched, darned, glued, lengthened and used every little scrap up in an attempt to make something new and bright. revisioned for 2010 and beyond, my honest endeavours are a small but creative statement against mass production and consumerism. i hope you enjoy my meagre offerings.

Easter and Craft 2.0 rolls around again

Off we go. Really excited about Craft 2.0 this weekend. I'm selling a big range of new works and Coco and Co are running the kids craft table for the first time.

This week I've been like proverbial pig in sh**. Flat out cutting and making a new series of the bird cushions and I've finally managed to complete a series of collage artworks.

Crossing fingers for some good feedback and great sales - and a fabulous clear Welly weekend.